Refresh Your Home for Fall

As our favorite season slowly starts to arrive, with cooler mornings and the color of the leaves starting to change, we don’t just think about how to stay warm with our personal style, but also how we update our home décor for Fall/Winter.  With the cooler weather, we naturally start to spend more and more time indoors, so it’s important to make sure you’re creating a sanctuary at home to reflect the season.  Is there anything better than curling up the couch for a night of BRAVO under a soft, cozy blanket?!  We have some easy tips to update your space without completely overhauling your home.

  • Add New Types of Fresh Florals: Swap bright, summertime blooms for unexpected greens, like eucalyptus or boxwood. These hearty green plants help to keep the feeling of fresh florals, while keeping it neutral and seasonal. Added bonus, they stay much longer than traditional flowers, too! 
  • Swap Your Throw Pillows: Bring in some throw pillows in soft knits, for both comfort and style. We love our pillows because they create a soft, welcoming feel (and a pop of major color, depending on what knit you choose), while adding an extra element of comfort.  Just be prepared for your guests to stay a bit longer than usual… 
  • Embrace Neutrals Without Giving Up Pops of Color: Just because the weather is getting cooler and the trees are losing their leaves doesn’t mean you should reflect that and over use neutrals in your home. Neutrals are a great base and make it easy to update your home on a seasonal basis, but make sure you keep some unexpected color and personality!  If it’s a pop of rich, jewel-tone pink with our Berkshires Herringbone Blanket in Barbie or a hit of bright, bold blue with our Twisted Cable Pillow in Aqua, keep your interiors fresh even in the coldest months.
  • Candles: From warm, soft vanilla to heavy cedar and bourbon, we love to fill our spaces with candles.  The low light adds a romantic feel while the scent fills the home. Some of our favorites are Catbird’s Kitten Candle (‘visions of dusty records, lipstick and feather pillows’), Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot (a mix of smoky wood and rich orange), and Dyptique Noisetier/Hazel Tree (create the feeling of that perfect cabin getaway).
  • Bring Together Fashion & Function: We mean it here and we mean it everywhere…staying warm doesn't mean you need to abandon style!  Throw blankets should be as beautiful as they are comfortable and we have a look for whatever style fits you. From the casual look of The Stowe to the trendy, unexpected look of The Textured Interweave Blanket to the clean, modern (but cozy) look of The Berkshires Herringbone, you can personalize a blanket in style and color on our site!

And let’s not forget that it’s this time of year that students are heading to college and have some cement block dorm rooms to make into their homes!  We have seen some of the most INCREDIBLE dorm room designs recently and are so impressed.  It’s all about finding your own style and creating a space that is all yours.  Style has seriously grown up since we were at school…not just about taping a poster to the wall anymore!  Check out this cool round-up of stylish dorm rooms that have been big news.

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