Third Piece Knitting School | Creating connectivity with the craft of knitting.

Here at Third Piece we feel the benefits of knitting everyday. whether it be through our students, customers or our own personal projects, knitting sparks creativity and provides mindful and rhythmic motions that leave us in a positive state of mind. Which is what lead us to developing the Knitting School
For over 9 years, our experience in knitwear design and production have created a wealth of knowledge that we bring into our educational based knitting program.
Our virtually, expert led classes make learning to knit easy, fun and collaborative!
Over the past years we have developed our own original knitting curriculum that  focuses on the building blocks of learning techniques, while being taught around a Third Piece designed project. Our goal for the Third Piece Knitting School is to ignite creativity and inspiration, and make knitting possible and approachable for anyone interested! 

Connectivity is the glue to our school. We value the relationships we build with knitters and love to see the bonds formed within the knitting community! Once we get you started on your knitting journey we offer many support options to keep you engaged, and confident in your skills. 

Our knitting school is a four part foundational program held over zoom classes. Each class reviews key foundational practices of knitting that leave you ready to dive into dream projects! In addition to learning new skills, knitters will leave with their own completed Third Piece designed garment.

 We offer the knitting school in a four part series. You can sign up for all four with materials included ( and receive a special discount) or you can sign up a la cart, depending on your skill level and progress. Which every path you choose there is something for everyone!

All classes include a live and recorded 90 minute expert-led workshop, post class support videos, and access to our online knitting support page.

 Start your journey here! 

Learn to Knit  - Beginner 

Learn to Purl - Advanced beginner 

Learn to Knit in the Round - The Portland Cowl

Learn to shape - The Kendall Hat

Sign up for all 4( and get 25% off ) 



Questions? Check out our Knitting School FAQ Here or send us an email at

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