Third Piece Knitting Instructor Spotlight: Libby LLanso

 Where did you grow up/ where do you live now?

I grew up in Central MA in a cute little apple orchard, in a town with no traffic lights and the library as the town center! I now live in Brooklyn, NY! 

 Who taught you how to knit? / When did you learn to Knit?

I originally learned how to knit when I was probably eight or nine. As a kid I spent my summers on the cape with all of my cousins. On a particularly rainy Summer trip all the cousins learned to knit. We all made really eclectic scarves. I didn’t pick up a pair of knitting needles again until I was in my late teens. It definitely was not like riding a bike for me to say the least. I ended up watching youtube tutorials and somewhere in the stratosphere a friend has a video of me quite frustrated and vowing I would never become a knitter…I was so very wrong. So I guess youtube really taught me to knit and I always tell my students this story because knitting can be tricky at first but if I can be a success story, so can you! 

What does knitting mean to you?

Knitting to me is a meditation. On some days I’ll assign mantras to each stitch or row. On other days I’ll put on some music, grab my needles and some good chunky yarn and I’ll just allow myself to turn off my brain. Knitting is a space of retreat for me regardless of my location. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting on the subway or in a comfy corner of my home, I can find that space of peace with knitting needles in my hands. 

 What is your favorite thing about teaching people to knit? 

I have many favorite things about teaching people to knit, but if I had to keep to two, I'd say the first is getting to bring people a new skill that might offer them a space of relaxation or using their brain in a different way than they do during their day to day. And my second favorite thing about teaching people to knit is actually getting to meet people from all over who want to join the knitting community I love getting to witness people’s knitting journeys and seeing the joy it brings them!


Want to knit with Libby?! Join one of her upcoming classes here. 

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