Third Piece Knitting Instructor Spotlight: Madeline Hoppy

Where did you grow up?/ where do you live now?

I grew up in Buffalo, NY and currently live in Boston, MA (Jamaica Plain) with my fiancé Josh.

When did you learn to knit? 

I taught myself how to knit via Youtube during the awkward year after college when I wasn't sure what chapter was next. It was a great distraction!  

Who taught you how to knit? 

Primarily self taught via Youtube, but I also learned a few beginner skills as a Girl Scout when I was younger.

What does knitting mean to you? 

Challenge, relax and patience are the first three words that came to mind. But also confidence! It's so cool to learn a new skill that's challenging at first, but then with practice and patience (with yourself!!) is quickly mastered. Knitting my first sweater brought me so much self-confidence and joy!

What is your favorite thing about teaching people to knit?

I love teaching people a skill that can help bring them confidence.


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