Third Piece Knitting Instructor Spotlight: Sheree Williams

Where did you grow up/ where do you live now?

I grew up in Fairhaven MA..a quiet little historical town overlooking Buzzards Bay.  About 18 yrs ago I relocated to Taunton and then East Taunton MA where I reside now. 

Who taught you how to knit? 

I actually learned to knit on my own!! However I grew up with my Mom who was an avid knitter and crocheter as well as my Grandmother who crocheted and who was special seamstress with "Pricillas's of Boston" many years ago. 

 My Mom tried several times to teach me but I never caught on as a kid.

 What does knitting mean to you?

In 2009, after my Mom passed away suddenly, I decided to learn to knit as a way of keeping her close. Knitting to me is calming and mindful, almost meditative. And each time I complete a garment, the satisfaction of accomplishing it and the smiles of those who admire and wear it is so special. I think Mom is helping me along as I learn new techniques and she is smiling with pride!

 What is your favorite thing about teaching people to knit? 

Although I have only taught a few people to knit, what I love about it is the joy on their faces when they accomplish a step or complete their first knitted piece just makes my heart smile!!❤️ 


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