Meet the Piece Maker: Jin

Jin is a very special member of the Third Piece team. Not only does she create pieces for us (and for you!), she was our first knitter when we started over four years ago and now runs the show when it comes to production. This includes knitter training, production schedules and pattern design. Jin brings a unique background to her responsibilities at the Third Piece. She started knitting seven years ago with the goal of becoming a professional knitter. After attending numerous trade shows and fiber retreats, she knew she needed a more serious environment and moved to Japan to attend college for knitting. She remembers her first project being a very long scarf – and remembers it being much harder to learn how to finish a knit piece than it was to start one!

Armed with four years of experience in producing mass quantities of high quality knitwear and a new idol (Elizabeth Zimmer), Jin returned to the United States and started working for the Third Piece. She loves her role leading the knitters and focusing on enhancing their technical expertise. She takes great pride in the work the production team does and believes, deeply, in the Third Piece’s focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail.

“My favorite things about the Third Piece are working with someone as understanding and inspirational as Kristen (Lambert), having a team of hardworking knitters and the alignment of the company goals with my own! “