wip: a work in progress

Thank you for joining me.

Kristen Lambert 
Founder & Owner, Third Piece

I had never considered that by not saying anything I was part of the problem.  

Collectively, we are in the midst of a very real and painful moment in time. As a small business owner, everything I have built over the past eight years feels at risk and in question. More so than ever, I find myself searching for leadership….someone with a point of view or answers that will aid in finding a path to move forward.  

Following the nights of the protests in Boston, carrying on as usual felt impossible. it was close to home, down the street from my store and could no longer be ignored. That’s what it took for me to realize that I have to contribute to the solution and commit to doing better in the fight against social injustices.  

Last week our small team took a pause to reflect, listen and learn. Talking about racism was something we had never done in an open and honest way as colleagues. Sharing our personal stories left each of us with a new understanding of our backgrounds, our values and confirmed our collective commitment to work towards progress.  

In knitting the abbreviation, WIP means “work in progress” - small consistent steps that require learning, failing, growing and pushing outside of your comfort zones to improve.  

While last week was incredibly challenging, on top of many difficult COVID-19 anxiety-ridden months, it was the pause needed to take a step forward and start speaking up.  

Thank you for letting me into your inbox, taking the time to read this email and for all of your support of, and growth with, Third Piece.  

As we begin to resume your regularly scheduled content, please know that our commitment to supporting social injustices is not on hold. The work needed to make real meaningful change will require short and long term actions to support our commitment.  

To provide insightful transparency and share my experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur over the past eight years, I will be journaling more of these details through a new area on our website:  

wip: a work in progress. 

I invite you to join me on this journey. If you’d like to stay in the loop of these dedicated communications, you can do so here.

with love,