Echoview Mills

Haley Yarn: 65% Merino, 25% Alpaca, 10% Mohair

Heathered Fawn


The Haley yarn from Echoview Mill is a chunky, loosely spun, single ply yarn made from a unique blend of alpaca, merino, and mohair goats. This yarn is as soft as a cloud, making it perfect for close to the skin accessories. 

Content: 65% Merino (USA), 25% Alpaca (USA), 10% Mohair (USA, Echoview Farm)    

Weight: 115 grams (4oz), #5, Chunky | Length: 150 yards 

Suggested Needle Size US 9 to 11 (5.5 to 8 mm) | Suggested Hook Size US K-10.5 to M-13 (6.5 to 9 mm)

Care: Hand wash gently in lukewarm water using a mild (bleach free) detergent.

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