SALE: Hand Printed

Over Sized Scarf


The perfect oversized scarf you’ll keep forever and take with you everywhere. Bundle up in it during the winter or take it to the beach in the summer!

The various patterns in this Maelu Scarf have all been individually hand block printed throughout the fabric, making each scarf completely unique. The scarf is also made with natural dyes, natural fibers and some good ol' love.

Product Details:

  • 47 inches wide, 95 inches long

  • 100% cotton

  • Care: delicate cold wash, air dry

  • Every scarf is unique and may have slight differences in the pattern and dyes. This is the result of the block printing process where each pattern is individually hand stamped onto the fabric. 

Brand Note: Maelu strives to follow a sustainable business model by not only creating naturally made items but by also making responsible business decisions. Maelu directly supports the artisans in India that block-print the beautiful fabric.

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