Third Piece

Mindful Stress Relief to Frontline Workers

Donations to provide Knit Kits & Classes

$5 - $250

All donations are welcome and help us provide as many knit kits and classes to deserving frontline workers. 

Help Third Piece provide mindful relief to frontline workers through our Stress-less Knit Kits and Online Knitting Classes.

Through these interactive sessions we've had the honor of teaching nurses, doctors and frontline workers to knit, who have have shared that knitting has been there go to activity that is getting them through their days off.

Knitting has become one of the best quarantine activities that allows you to decompress, take your mind off of things and work towards making something you can wear or gift. For Frontline worker, days are long and intense, followed by days off where they are often isolated along and having to self quarantine.

To show our heartfelt gratitude for the heroic work they are doing in the face of this pandemic, Third Piece along with your help will be donating knitting kits and classes to first responders across the United States. At Third Piece, we believe knitting is a conduit that provides mental and physical relief that can help make their days away from the hospital as enjoyable as possible.  

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