Third Piece

SALE: The Hollis

Hand-Knit Alpaca Silk Scarf

This hand made, double wrap scarf is created out of the beautiful Juniper Moon Moonshine, a mixture of Baby Alpaca, silk, and wool. This makes it not only a beautiful accessory but an enduring piece of winter wear. This scarf is designed to match every winter jacket so you can feel confident bringing it with you all season long. 


Each piece is bespoke, being individually hand-knit and made to order through our team of knitters based Boston, Massachusetts. 

By making our collections to order, we are able to ensure our pieces are ethically made, produce low waste and ensure our craftsmanship standards. 


  • Material:  Baby Alpaca, silk, and wool
  • Designed & Machine Knit with Hand-Finishing in Boston - please note: these items typically take 1-14 business days to knit.
  • Measurements: 


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