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Video Knit Bar

Video Knit Bar

Same as our In-Store Knit Bar, just through your device!  

Dropped A Stitch?
Let's FaceTime!    

Whether you need quick knitting help or are looking for a private lesson, one of our experts are here to answer your questions.

Just provide your cell phone number, and one of our knit experts will call using video FaceTime.  You never need to leave the comfort of your couch!   

For quick questions on any of our knit kits or Third Piece design patterns, complimentary 10 minute drop-in sessions are available.  

For more in-depth sessions including learning skill specific techniques, more complex pattern assistance, project corrections, or to work directly one-on-one with one of our experts, set up a private lesson for $40 an hour or $25 for 30 min. 

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