This August our design team was soaking in the remaining warmth of the summer and dreaming of the burst of colors that  come with  Fall. Something cozy and colorful was on the top of the criteria. We were craving a unique way to add color to our pieces and thought of the brioche stitch because of its soft and stretchy qualities. And bonus.. a perfect layer of style and advanced technique to our toolbox. Hayley noted that she loves it’s unique statement, and loves that there are color palette options to this squishy and airy sweater. Something for everyone.

The Idea 

We loved our most recent design the Ava - The way the fisherman rib popped out gave us the idea for Brioche. “What about something like the Ava but with color and with sleeves.” A challenge… true technique put in the difficult category.

Once we conceptualize a stitch, the silhouette, and the gauge, we mold an idea into a knit sample. The first sample is made by our 'Piece Maker' Cathy and then it comes back and requires fit and feedback. The main questions become;

How is it reading and wearing? How is the material feeling? 

The Process 

We move onto the second sample knit by Cathy and Maddi for more feedback. Fit is the biggest challenge, and we add more time to scope out the sizing scale. Once our stitches are set we Maddi takes the sample and begins to write the pattern. After the draft of the pattern is complete we create a third sample focusing more on measurements, gauge, and weaving in the past feedback to create a masterpiece! Once this is done we work on final pattern editing. This entire process usually takes four to eight weeks to complete — but the Aurora is special. It took a little extra care, love, and attention to create, and after three colorful months it was complete! 

The Aurora: mystical, romantic, colorful, and unique. A sweater that deserves a lot of attention and TLC.

The Fiber 

The Aurora is knit with two different yarns. The base color is a choice of four whimsical colors in our favorite luxe yarn, Fourteen by Juniper Moon yarn made in Italy from 90 % merino wool and 10 % cashmere wool, the secondary brioche color is a luscious and vibrant self striping mohair,  Ingenua Moda by Katia Concept (78 % mohair fiber, 13% polyamide, 9 % virgin wool), from Spain. There are four different color palettes to choose from when knitting this sweater. Options from a soft colorful hue to vibrant color pops!

Unique and Meaningful 

In our fast paced busy lives it is always nice to take time to reflect and slow down. Knitting has been a great tool to rest, breath, and connect to the softer side of life. In addition, fashion can be a colorful way to brighten days and build unique style. At Third Piece we focus on slow fashion; pieces built with intention and thought that you will have forever. The Aurora Brioche sweater is just this. Bold, beautiful, and something that takes time, attention, and love to create. 

“.. I love when a new design stops me in my tracks. We’ve been trying to find bits of inspiration with pops of color and ways to push our techniques to create something different.” - Kristen Founder & CEO

The Details & Options  

Before starting this sweater you should be familiar with the brioche knit, brioche purl, and brioche work in the round. The Aurora is great for a confident knitter who knows how to troubleshoot and is ready and able to put in time to create! 

If you are not sure how to brioche and starting from scratch, we have the recording of our recent workshop - Brioche 101  available for purchase and download to get you started! 

This class covers the background & history of the stitch, the cast on and knit in either continental or english style flat and in the round. 


You can find it here! 


Already a master of the Brioche stitch? Get started on your Aurora sweater today! You can purchase the knit - kit here




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