Life can be stressful and everyone needs an outlet to rest from overwhelming emotions and day to day stress, so why not put down your phone, quiet racing thoughts, and pick up your knitting

  • Helping Your ♡ - After wrapping up a productive knitting session, you will feel really good about what you’ve made and most importantly, you will feel relaxed.  Knitting has been shown to lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) because it prompts relaxation, helps slow down your heart rate, and decreases blood pressure.
  • Community - Everyone knows a knitter! Knitting can bring together family and friends that share a common and healthy habit. It feels so good to sit around the living room with the people you love, turn off your electronics, and share laughs and good conversations over knitting. For added fun you could even organize ‘knit-and-sips’ with friends! 
  • Your Mind - One of the most powerful and unexpected benefits of knitting is the benefits it has on your mind. Knitting allows the mind to stop and readjust your focus, which can quiet racing thoughts. Knitting is a moving meditation. Aside from aiding mental health, knitting sharpens your memory. It takes a lot of focus to read patterns and remember which steps & stitches you have to do. The act of knitting allows your brain to rely on its memory, and the more you use your memory, the stronger it becomes. 

Knitting is for everyone!  Regardless of your age, background, experience level, anyone can enjoy the benefits of knitting. Put down the stress and pick up the yarn! Create something unique with love, by you. Interested in learning how to start? Here are a few options:

We’re always here to help, feel free to email us at for any questions to get you started.

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