Patty joins the Third Piece from just over the Massachusetts border in New Hampshire. Both her mother and grandmother were lifelong knitters and Patty spent her childhood admiring the beautiful pieces they were able to make out of yarn. When Patty first attempted to learn how to knit as a young girl, however, she found that it required more patience than she was willing to spare. She eventually found her way back to knitting when she was a little older and could appreciate the sentimental value of the craft and its close connection to her family.

“If I am not knitting for the Third Piece, you can find me doing any number of my other hobbies like reading, crafting, exercising or traveling with my husband and my friends.”


She has since come a long way from her first knitting project which started out as a scarf and morphed into a potholder along the way. She has been turning out beautiful scarves (and other pieces) for the Third Piece and for family and friends for many years! As a teacher, Patty even encouraged the craft amongst her elementary school pupils by hosting a knitting club. She insists that knitting is a social activity and loves that the Third Piece nurtures a “Coffee Clutch” environment. If you find your way to our store in the South End, be sure to check out the beautiful cable-knit detail on our Fenway Hats (Patty’s favorite), grab a cup of coffee and solicit some advice from our knit bar specialists!

“My favorite things about the Third Piece are the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces (they’re all made with love!), the friendly and helpful people that work here, and the environment – The Third Piece brings people together and carries on the great knitting tradition in a fun and social way!”