After a long day of shipping online orders, I got a knock on the window asking if I wanted to share my experience of how my small business has been impacted by the pandemic.  Hesitant to share these details and my exhausted face on tv...I figured, why not...there is no such thing as bad press, right?  You can see the full article and video here.

My hope is that it will help illustrate the impact the pandemic will continue to have on small business in our community in the long-term. 

The reporter had shared with me that over 44% of small businesses have closed since the start of this year. The reality of the number is scary and hit very close to home.  While Third Piece has been able to adapt by changing our entire business model to online, my vision of creating a retail knitwear studio has changed course.

As Third Piece begins to wrap up its time in our South End studio in the New Year, I still remain overly hopeful and optimistic of our future as an online focused company. While this year has proven to be exceptionally challenging, it is one that has provided clarity of working with what you have and focusing on what is important. 

This season, the words "shopping small, supporting local" have such an important meaning.  While it is easy to shop at places like Amazon, Target and Big Box stores...I am guilty as charged!, I encourage you to try to be more mindful of what you are buying and who you are buying from if you want them to stick around in your community.

With that, this weekend marks the Annual South End Stroll.  There are so many amazing businesses and restaurants to check out.  Here are a few of shout outs to our neighbors that are pushing through this holiday season, I invite you to check out!

Men's Clothing - Sault, Heartbreak Running Co

Women's Clothing - Flock Boston, Viola Lovely

Children's Boutiques - Kodomo, Cou Cou & Tadpole

Fitness - Barre 3 & Endurance Pilates

Gifts - Gifted, Niche Plant Shop

Jewelry - Hidden Jewels, Sophie Hughes/Ore, Michele MercaldoM. FLynn

Food - Formaggio, Mida, The Butcher Shop, Greystone Cafe

Home - Hudson Interiors, Lekker

Spa & Skincare - Skoah Boston, Medical Aesthetician on Tremont 

Wine - Urban Grape



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