The new year always seems like the logical time to check-in and assess your life.  Maybe it’s a time where you go through a little checklist and script out the new chapter ahead.  

For 2024, we invite you to explore the idea of living in your ‘main character’ energy! 

…and NO not in a narcissistic, I am the center of the universe type way.

Essentially it's a mindset that invites you to to romanticize your life.   

A call to celebrate the ordinary moments and approach your day by taking in the small stuff. The little moments that are happening all of the time that help you navigate things with a little more appreciation and positive energy.  

To play off of this, we’ve rounded up our favorite leading main character types as we envision all the potential leading lady’s that we will step into and what ‘third piece’ she would wear. 

With that, we invite you to have a little fun and find ‘your main character’ piece below.

What energy are you channeling today?



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