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Intro To Brioche (Workshop Replay)


Please note this training has been pre-recorded and you will receive access to the video + supporting training manual. 

In this one hour, virtual workshop we will demonstrate the basic techniques required to start you on your Brioche Knitting Journey where we will introduce you to:

  • A history of the Brioche stitch
  • Working Brioche flat & in the round
  • Two Color work Brioche
  • *All of these techniques will be demonstrated both English & Continental style. 

Please note: this is a technique based workshop and not a specific pattern.  We encourage you to grab your knitting needles & yarn and follow along! 

Here is what you will need to follow along:

  • A set of circular or double pointed needles (straight needles will not work for this stitch)  *We recommend a size US 10 or larger for ease of learning. 
  • Yarn of your choice, in 2 different colors

Missing any of these from your stash? 

You can browse our knitting needle collection here & our yarn collection here

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