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If you're looking to learn more about our design process, connect with other knitters and expand your knitting skills consider applying to be a test knitter for us! 


The Cabled Hooded Cowl

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Last Day to Apply is Friday October 27th!

Pattern Testing FAQ's:

As a tester you get the pattern first and for free!

As a tester you also get:

  • a special discount on test yarn and materials.  
  • access to our virtual community group to connect with other knitters 
  • A beautiful new Third Piece design made by you! 
  • A special thank you gift once feedback is submitted.

Skills: With each design, we specify the skills required to make the piece.  Please be sure you are comfortable with the general foundations of knitting and the specific skills noted for the new design. 

Supplies: At Third Piece, we often source our designs with a mix of our own brand of yarns + specially curated yarns.  With each design we specify the yarn type, weight and yardage estimates. 

While not required, we do recommend testing with the yarn the pattern was designed with*; however it is not required and you are always welcome to pull from your own stash. We will not provide the supplies to test knit but will list materials suggested. 

*As a pattern tester, a primary perk of the program is receiving a special discount on the yarn and tools noted in the pattern test. 

Timing & Schedule: With each test there is a defined start and end time for the testing period.  We do our best to provide an estimate of the time to knit, but please be mindful of your own knitting speed and capacity in being able to complete the project within the noted time frame.  

Prior to moving into a Pattern Test, our designs go through a series of samples, size grading and review by our team. We are looking for your help to be an additional set of eyes and hands that can knit our pattern before we publish out into the universe!

As a tester, here’s what we’re looking for from you:

  • spelling mistakes and typos
  • feedback on size and fit
  • confirm the final yardage/yarn requirements or weight of the garment
  • an estimate of time to execute
  • sharing of any images of the finished product/process 
  • honesty with details and ease of pattern interpretation.

2 New Tests Coming Up!

The Collared Vest

The Coatigan

Applications will open in early December.