Over time, fashion has become a popular mainstream niche; everyone has some sort of connection to it. With the increasing interest in fashion, has come a lot of waste with clothing. Many people have closets full of clothes and yet only wear about half of their wardrobe.  Purchases are often made off impulse or just once for a special occasion.

“50 years ago we spent 10 percent of our monthly income on clothes, now we spend less than 5% but our wardrobes are twice the size” 

Fashion has become something that everyone can take part in, and people everywhere have developed their own styles. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love the feeling of a new purchase? It can’t be explained, but sometimes a new pair of boots, handbag...or cozy sweater can just make you feel excited! That “yes I love this, have to have it” feeling. 

Somewhere in recent years it feels like purchases have become more impulsive and less meaningful. Things we once would have saved months to have we can easily find knocked off at a "fast fashion" retailer. The cost is so low you feel like it is too good to pass up, even if it only is for one wear & taxing on the environment.  

At Third Piece we envision fashion as an investment. We focus on how to educate others on the importance of quality pieces that will stand the test of time and have a story to tell. 

"I love that the pieces we create at the Third Piece are not only beautiful and modern, but have been handmade by a knitter who has put love and dedication into each stitch. There is a connection there between the knitter and the customer, that you will never get from a mass produced item." 
- Kristen Lambert, Founder of Third Piece

We plan to approach purchasing clothing in a more sensible way, by spending less on what we don't need and spending more time thinking about what goes into the garments we put on our body.

We also want to start creating more of our own clothes, from making our own sweaters, to recycling pieces we already have and creating something new. In doing so, we also plan on being more strategic and thoughtful with our materials to ensure as little waste as possible.

We're setting new goals on how we think about our wardrobe. From buying clothes to creating them yourself - this is something that the Third Piece Team is passionate about! Join us in creating better habits by being less wasteful and spending less on unnecessary throw away items. We can all begin to think more consciously and try to create our own style, by hand.

Learn about sustainable fibers in knitting here


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