BIPOC in Fiber - Is a directory to discover the work of Black, Indigenous & People of Color working in the fiber community.  From yarn spinners, dyers, and designers there are boundless artists that are featured and can be found on this website.

Candid and Colorful  A Magazine - Diane Ivey, Owner and Creative Director of Lady Dye Yarns. Candid and Colorful is an ALL-BIPOC designed pattern collection using Lady Dye Yarns’ Bridgerton inspired colorways.

Bisa Butler A contemporary Fiber Artist who combines portraiture and quilting to accord dignity, respect, and identity to BIPOC peoples throughout history and in her family. Bisa Butler - Quilting for Culture  

Portrait Quilts by Bisa Butler 

Harriet Powers - A Story of Art and Faith  Featuring Tiya Miles. “Harriet Powers is considered the mother of the African American story quilt tradition.” Harriet Powers was born into slavery and began making profound quilts as an avenue of visual story telling in the 1870s.

Faith Ringgold - A mix media artist. Known for her extraordinary quilts that weave stories of life & activism.

Infinite Indigenous Queer Love  By Jeffery Gibson. Art exhibit in Lincoln, MA until March 13th, 2022 of the intersections of Infinite Indigenous Queer Love. A beautiful art display by Jeffery Gibson of relationships and identity.

Infinite Indigenous Queer Love by Jeffery Gibson

Carolyn L. Mazloomi  “As an artist, I strongly believe art has the capacity to touch the spirit, engage, educate, and heal in ways that words alone cannot.” -Carolyn L. Mazloomi

A Lady Sings The Blues - Portrait Quilt by Carolyn Mazloomi

The Radical Quilting of Rosie Lee Tompkins  Rosie Lee Tompkins - Created beautiful, colorful, and intricate quilts, and one of the country’s premier quilting artists. 

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