Introducing Third Piece - On Demand Knitting Classes & Courses

At Third Piece, we have been crafting and perfecting our approach to learning to knit for almost 10 years!  After teaching thousands of aspiring and experienced knitters, we are excited to introduce you to Third Piece - On Demand

With Third Piece's Knitting School | On Demand, learn to knit when it's convenient for you, at your own pace, and with support at your fingertips!

We believe knitting is for everyone. Whether you are super crafty, looking to tap more into your creative side, or simply looking for a new hobby to channel your energy, knitting is a great pastime to try!
Carve out an hour in your week, pour yourself a cup of tea, coffee, or heck, even a glass of wine... and maybe enlist a friend to join you in learning to knit! 


Getting Started

Knitting can feel overwhelming in the beginning, we have all been there! From choosing the right yarn, needles, and then determining what are you going to make... there is a lot to take in and make sure you have prepared.  

We take any stress out of the beginning process to give you the tools, training, and support you need to get you going on our knitting journey.  

Please Note: We highly recommend starting at a beginner level to avoid frustration. Starting anywhere else ultimately leads to knitter rage… or a ball of yarn sitting in your closet! 

Step 1 - Learn to Knit, With The 'Knit' or Garter Stitch 

Coincidentally, the first step in learning to knit is what is called the Knit Stitch. In this class you will dive right into casting on the stitches to your needles, reading a pattern, learning the knit stitch, casting off, and adding finishing touches to your piece. We recommend beginning with either our LTK Starter Kit to make a headband or cowl, or jumping into your first scarf with our LTK Scarf Kit.

Step 2 - Learn to Purl, The Complimentary Foundational Technique

Once you have the knit stitch down, the next go-to stitch is the purl stitch. Purling is the perfect complementary technique to knitting and adds a layer of texture and personality to your knits!

In this class you will dive into review of casting on and reading a pattern, you will learn the purl stitch, rib stitch, and stockinette stitch, and review casting off. 
We recommend beginning with our LTP Starter Kit, to make fingerless mitts or a sunglass case.  

Each beginner kit will include all of the tools, materials, and a pattern to get you on your way. In addition to the kit, you will have access to our quick video tutorials through our YouTube Channel that match the way our patterns have been structured. 

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