Cathy was born, raised, and continues to reside in South Boston.

Her knitting inspiration comes from her godmother, Helen, who was a lifetime knitter and quilter. Although she watched both her godmother and her mother knit, quilt and crochet from the time she was young, Cathy did not attempt the craft herself until she was in college. It was there that Cathy decided to take knitting classes so she could recreate the sweaters she saw in magazines and catalogs.

Years later in 2015, Cathy recognized this same philosophy in the Third Piece through our "Made by Us, Made by You" model when she started knitting for us!

In looking back on her knitting career, her favorite project was the first one she ever published as it was the first time she was responsible for both creating the design and writing the instructions.

More often than not, Cathy knits for others. She finds that giving away her pieces as gifts to her friends and family members provides the motivation she needs to pick up her.

One of Cathy's favorite Third Piece to make is the Newbury Hooded Cowl, but our Ashley Cardigan is her go to piece to make & wear. 

You will find that each Third Piece product is tagged with the name of who knit it. Next time you stop into our shop be sure to look for Cathy's name on our one -of-a -kind pieces.