Meet Pat, One of Our Skilled Knitters who Specializes in the Soho Hat

Each one of our Piece Makers is so unique in her own right. Some of them are talkers, and others are a bit more reserved. When you stop and think about the parallels between the Piece Makers and the Pieces themselves, it turns out they're not so different: each one is unique, no two are the same, but they all have a common thread that they share. This month we're introducing you to our wonderful Piece Maker Pat, who specializes in making the wonderfully stylish Soho headpieces and hats.


What made you interested in knitting?

Pat: It started off as just an arts and crafts thing when I was young. A friend of my mother introduced me to it. It seemed like an ok thing to do. I made a pair of mittens, and I remember one fit and the other was enormous! It peaked my curiosity, and at first I was just making little squares. When I was younger sitting down and knitting all day wasn’t that appealing…I never really took it that seriously, and then maybe ten or fifteen years ago, I worked in a nonprofit agency, and we were thinking of things to do with some of the participants, and I offered to do a knitting workshop and I got the bug again, and I haven’t stopped since! Anybody who knits likes to share the craft, and likes to talk about what their experiences are.

Why do you love to knit?

P: You never know all there is to know about knitting, because everyone’s always experimenting with it. That’s why people like to share what they’re doing. It’s an art form, and it’s your creativity, you’re following a pattern but you’re also relying on your own creativity, and you sort of figure out what works for you. There’s a certain sense of pride and satisfaction that you get when you see someone wearing what you’ve made.


What makes each Third Piece special?

P: I think for me, it starts with the fiber, and I absolutely love the yarn. I love how it’s so plush, the warmth and the texture, and how each piece is unique. You won’t see too many of these, especially the combination of the pattern and the fiber. The creative thought process that went into the product is so unique; it’s something I would definitely be proud of wearing.

Tell us how you began your time at the Third Piece.

P: I am part of a group called the Greater Boston Knitters guild, and one of the original people involved in The Third Piece is involved in the guild, but she sent everyone a memo that this company was looking for freelance knitters. So I met with Kristen, and I was hooked right away. I think it was exciting to me that I would be a part of this creativity, this enterprise, and I felt just by meeting both Kristen and Carina that these girls were really on to something, and it excited me to think that even in a small way, I’d have a part in it.

What's your favorite part about being a "Piece Maker”?

P: I’m really into the process and I like the idea that something I make is going to have a life and a history of its own.

What's your favorite Piece to make, and why?

P: I like doing the Soho headpiece and turban, and I think it’s because I work so closely with those, but if I had the chance to make all of the Pieces, I’d be so excited for all of them!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

P: I really love to travel, but I don’t need to travel a great distance. I’ve been to the Caribbean and whatnot, but I like going to new neighborhoods, and I would think nothing of just taking off for a weekend and just discovering one of my own neighborhoods. But to be honest, when I do that, I’m always looking for yarn shops! I’m addicted, but I think your interests depend upon where you are in your life. I’ve been taking courses at UMass and a lot of it is walking tours, and we went to the harbor islands a few times. My favorite is George’s Island because of The Lady in Black! There’s so much that I don’t know about Boston and want to know.